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Agarose GTQ, 10 g

ROTI®Garose Genetic engineering quality
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Melting point (mp) 95 °C
CAS No. 9012-36-6
EG-Nr. 232-731-8

Especially tested agarose for gel elution and biomolecular approaches (500 bp-20 kb).

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Product details

Agarose GTQ ROTI®Garose Genetic engineering quality

Technical Information
Application Genetic engineering quality, for DNA-elution of fragments ≥500 bp without melting the agarose*
* Tip: Use ROTI®Prep Gel Extraction kit (Art. No. 8510.1) 
Agarose GTQ
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Certificates of Analysis

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Guarantee analysis

Electroendosmosis (EEO)≤0,11
Water content≤8 %
Ash≤0,5 %
Sulphate (SO4)≤0,1 %
Gel strength (1 % gel)≥1200 g/cm2
Gel strength (1,5 % gel)≥2300 g/cm2
Gelling temperature36 ±2,0 °C
Melting temperature92 ±2,0 °C
DNases, RNasesnone detected
DNA bindingnone detected