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Buffer solution pH 7.00 ±0.01 (20 °C), 1 l, plastic

ROTI®Calipure buffer solution, ready to use
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Density (D) 1 g/cm³
Boiling point (bp) 100 °C

Potassium dihydrogen phosphate, sodium hydroxide solution

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Product details

Buffer solution pH 7.00 ±0.01 (20 °C) ROTI®Calipure buffer solution, ready to use

Technical Information
Version colourless 
Buffer solution pH 7.00 ±0.01 (20 °C)
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General information

ROTI®Calipure standards for your calibration needs

Carl ROTH offers an extensive range of calibration and control standards. These products are manufactured from highly pure starting material and are specially tested for each application. The corresponding batch-specific certificate of analysis is available online. Each product series offers excellent value for money.

pH-Buffer Solutions, ROTI®Calipure, ready-to-use


  • Manufactured from high purity buffer substances
  • No need for time-consuming drying and weighing of reagents
  • The buffer solutions are adjusted to their respective pH values by comparison with standard buffer solutions (according to DIN 19266 and based on primary reference materials of the NIST)
  • Quick and precise calibration of measuring equipment
  • Stabilised against algae and bacterial action
  • The batch specific Certificates of Analysis are available online

Certificates of Analysis

You can search for and download your certificate of analysis for the selected product here. Please provide your batch number.
The following analysis certificates have been found:

Type analysis

pH value (20 °C)7,00 ±0,01
Traceable to SRM from NIST.