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carl – The future of laboratories is ROTH

Green light for everyone who wants to know even more …

Isn't it always curiosity that drives us to find better ways of doing things? To solve challenges, and to think in new ways? 

Our future needs more sustainability and new ideas. For this reason, we've created carl. We want to share insights, create networks and provide a new platform for the future of laboratories.

In the new carl, we shed light on the term "resilience" and take a broad look at the ecosystem, the organism and the cellular response to stressors. We report on courageous science and our young scientists, we look at the resilience of pharmaceutical supply chains as well as innovative materials. After all, sustainability and resilience harbour plenty of opportunities for an environmentally conscious future. 

Join us on a journey to a green laboratory – taking initial steps that will be followed by many. After all, our future also needs us all, first and foremost, to show the strength and courage to act.


Thorsten Wagner
Sustainability is a collective endeavour, a societal expectation, a task that we can only accomplish through collaboration with others. It will require the will and determination of everyone to achieve this necessary transformation. These are the fundamental reasons behind why we've launched carl – a new kind of magazine that we believe will firmly set us all on the same course.
 Thorsten Wagner
Head of