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Accessories screw-on lid loose, white

Icon_Autoklavierbar All autoclavable products in our catalogue are identified by this symbol. Please also note any additional instructions when autoclaving.
Icon_Tiefkuehl_3-Sterne Suitable for liquid nitrogen (gaseous phase / -196 °C)
Material: PP. Autoclavable: yes. Non-sterile

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Art. No. CK55.1

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Product details

Material: PP. Autoclavable: yes. Non-sterile

  • Suitable for reaction vials (CK47.1 ff, AET7.1 ff)
  • Brown lids offer optimum light protection in combination with brown reaction vials
  • Lid inserts for identification available as an option (see CK72.1 ff)

Accessories screw-on lid loose 

Not a medical device / Not an IVD product
Technical Information
Lock Silicone seal 
Colour white 
Accessories screw-on lid loose
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Art. No. Colour Lock Pack Qty. Price Quantity
AEK2.1 brown Silicone seal 1000 unit(s)


CK54.1 red Silicone seal 1000 unit(s)


CK55.1 white Silicone seal 1000 unit(s)


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