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Hyaluronidase, 100 mg

≥1000 U/mg, lyophilized
Examples of effect: Have an allergenic effect, carcinogenic, mutagenic, toxic to reproduction and cause developmental toxicity (reprotoxic) or damage to organs Safety: You must be well-informed before starting work with these substances; wear protective clothing and gloves, eye protection and mask or breathing protection.
i may cause allergy or asthma symptoms or breathing difficulties if inhaled
P261 P342+P311
i avoid breathing dust, if experiencing respiratory symptoms: Call a POISON CENTER/doctor
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Molar mass (M) ~55 000 g/mol
Storage temp. -20 °C
Transport temp. cooled
CAS No. 37326-33-3
EG-Nr. 253-464-3

From ovine testes.
Recommended stock solution: 1 mg/ml enzyme in 20 mM phosphate buffer (pH 6.9), with 77 mM NaCl and 0.1 mg/ml BSA. Prepare directly before use.

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Hyaluronidase ≥1000 U/mg, lyophilized

Not a medical device / Not an IVD product
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Type analysis

Appearancebeige lyophilisate
Activity≥1000 U/mg
Solubility (0,1 % in H2O)clear and colorless