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Decane-1-sulphonic acid sodium salt, 10 g

≥99 %, for ion pair chromatography
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Sodium-1-decane sulphonate
Empirical formula C10H21NaO3S
Molar mass (M) 244,33 g/mol
Melting point (mp) >300 °C
CAS No. 13419-61-9
EG-Nr. 236-525-9

Ion pair reagent for HPLC.

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Decane-1-sulphonic acid sodium salt
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General information

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Ion Pair Reagents

Ion pair reagents are strongly hydrophobic ions which form neutral ion pairs with oppositely charched sample molecules. This way, the simultaneous separation of charged and non-charged molecules is possible.
By adding ion pair reagents to the sample solution in RP-HPLC, strong bases are "masked" and retard in neutral form on RP surfaces.


  • High purity
  • High UV-permeability
  • Broad range of products
  • Excellent price/performance ratio

Certificates of Analysis

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The following analysis certificates have been found:

Guarantee analysis

Assay (acidim.)≥99,0 %
Water≤1 %
A 210 nm (0,2 M in water)≤0,05 AU
A 220 nm (0,2 M in water)≤0,03 AU
A 230 nm (0,2 M in water)≤0,02 AU
A 260 nm (0,2 M in water)≤0,02 AU