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Pipetting aid macro, green

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Autoclavable: yes.
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Art. No. X482.1

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Product details

Autoclavable: yes.

  • Suction of up to 50 ml in 11 seconds following one-time ventilation
  • Single-level operation for sucking and delivering liquid
  • Spring-loaded control lever for delicate pipetting
  • Blow-Out function
  • Drip stop via hydrophobic membrane filter (3 µm)
  • Fully autoclavable at 121 °C (2 bar) according to DIN EN 285
  • Replaceable valve system

Effortless pipetting: the further up the pipette lever is operated, the faster the pipette is filled. To deliver the liquid, move the pipette lever fully downward. Even when flowing freely, the pipette’s volume accuracy is not affected.

Pipetting aid macro 

Delivery incl. replacement filter.
Technical Information
Version manually 
Suitable for Graduated/volumetric pipettes 0.1-200 ml 
Colour green 
Pipetting aid macro
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X478.1 Graduated/volumetric pipettes 0.1-200 ml grey Manual 1 unit(s)


X479.1 Graduated/volumetric pipettes 0.1-200 ml blue Manual 1 unit(s)


X480.1 Graduated/volumetric pipettes 0.1-200 ml magenta Manual 1 unit(s)


X482.1 Graduated/volumetric pipettes 0.1-200 ml green Manual 1 unit(s)


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