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Portable pH meters SensoDirect pH 110

From  Tintometer

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Product details

  • Splash-proof membrane keyboard
  • Protective cover for measuring in difficult conditions
  • Manual single-point or double-point calibration via trimmer

Portable pH meters SensoDirect pH 110 

Delivery incl. pH plastic electrode with gel electrolyte, buffer solutions (pH 4.01 and pH 7.00, each 90 ml), protective armouring, case and batteries.
Technical Information
Type SensoDirect pH 110 
Sensor 226 
Parameters pH 
pH measuring range 0 to 14 
pH resolution 0,01 
pH accuracy ±0.1 (pH 4.0–10.0) 
±0.2 (pH 1.1–3.9 and pH 10.0–13.0) 
±0.3 (pH 0.1–1.0 and pH 13.1–14.0) 
pH temp. compensation without 
Calibration points 1/2 (pH) 
Calibration memory Current calibration 
Connection BNC (pH) 
L x W x H 208 x 110 x 34 mm
Power supply E-Block 9 V battery 
Portable pH meters SensoDirect pH 110
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General information

The redox potential can be measured with a pH meter, which can display mV values.A redox probe is needed for this.