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Samplers Visco, 160 ml, PTFE, FEP

From  Bürkle
Material: PTFE, FEP.
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Suitable for foodstuffs. Colour translucent
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Product details

Material: PTFE, FEP.

Suitable for foodstuffs. Colour translucent

Samplers Visco 

For viscous media. Very strong suction power for sampling viscous, non-self-flowing substances such as mud, slime, watery clay and soil samples, oils, emulsions, creams.

Application: Samples are drawn in and ejected via a piston rod.

Technical Information
Materialspecification PTFE, FEP 
Vol. 160 ml
Immersion depth 600 mm
Ø ext. 32 mm
Samplers Visco
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