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Extraction system AA model, AA 02

From  Hettich Benelux
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For safe vacuum extraction of liquid residues.
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Art. No. CE32.1

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Product details

For safe vacuum extraction of liquid residues.

Basic equipment:
  • Vacuum pump
  • Collecting bottle made of PP, vacuum-resistant, autoclavable
  • Screw cap with two quick-release couplings for tight sealing of the collecting bottle after the hoses are disconnected
  • Ventilation insert for pressure compensation during autoclaving of collecting bottle
  • Safety filter to protect the vacuum pump and surrounding area
  • Silicone hose (3 m) for placing the extraction system away from the workbench

Note: when the quick couplings are fitted, unscrew the cap before autoclaving and place it on the bottle.

Extraction system AA model 

  • Lacquered aluminium housing
  • Compact design, safety bottle holder mounted on high-performance vacuum pump
  • Suitable for up to four sampling points (optional)
  • Handle with AH 01 trumpet valve for attaching various suction instruments and a mechanical flow rate control system; incl. adapter for Pasteur pipettes, adapter for 1 ml pipette tips and angle adapter
  • Vacuum pump with automatic cut-out. The pump cuts out automatically when extraction is completed using the handle and the final vacuum is reached

Technical Information
Type AA 02 
Bottle volume 2000 ml
Suction capacity (l/min) 17.0 
End vacuum (abs.) 100 mbar
Ambient temperature +4 - +40 °C
W x D x H 170 x 220 x 155 mm
Weight 5,5 kg
Mains connection 230 V, 50 Hz 
Extraction system AA model
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