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Test kit VISOCOLOR® ECO Nitrite

From  Macherey-Nagel
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Examples of effect: Damage metals and burn body tissues; may cause serious eye damage. Safety: Avoid contact; wear safety spectacles and gloves. In the event of contact with eyes and skin, rinse with water.
i may be corrosive to metals
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Density (D) 1,04 g/cm³
UN-Nr. 3316

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Test kit VISOCOLOR® ECO Nitrite 

Delivery incl. two 20 mm measuring tubes with screw cap, moveable comparator to hold the measuring tubes, colour chart, 5 ml plastic syringe, bottles with the reagents and dosing spoon.
Technical Information
Verification of Nitrite NO2- 
Gradation 0-0,02-0,03-0,05-0,07-0,1-0,2-0,3-0,5 mg/l
No. measurements 150 
Test kit VISOCOLOR® ECO Nitrite
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