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Ultrasonic cleaning unit Elmasonic P, 28.0 l, P 300H

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Product details

  • Stainless steel vibration tank and housing
  • Digital LED display for clear indication of frequency, output, actual and nominal temperatures and timer
  • 3/8″ drainage valve on back of unit (operated at the side)
  • Ultrasonic frequency is switchable between 37 kHz (basic cleaning, mixing, dissolving) and 80 kHz (mild cleaning, low noise)
  • Ultrasonic intensity is adjustable from 30% (for sensitive surfaces) to 100% in increments of 10%
  • Automatic frequency switch-over for simultaneous coarse and fine cleaning
  • Sweep function for optimised sound field distribution
  • Pulse function for intensification of ultrasonic cleaning power by up to 20%
  • (Auto-)Degas function for quick degassing
  • Temperature-controlled ultrasonic cleaning
  • Heating that is safe to run dry, adjustable from 30 to 80 °C in increments of 10 °C
  • Automatic safety switch-off at a bath temperature of 90 °C or after more than 12 hours of continuous operation

Ultrasonic cleaning unit Elmasonic P 

Not a medical device / Not an IVD product
Delivery without basket and lid (optional), please order separately.
Technical Information
Type P 300H 
Vol. 28 l
Outer length 568 mm
Outer width 340 mm
Outer height 321 mm
Inner tub length 505 mm
Inner tub width 300 mm
Inner tub height 200 mm
Operating frequency 37 kHz/80 kHz
Peak ultrasonic output 1520 W
Effective HF power 380 W
Heating output 1200 W
Outlet valve yes 
Ultrasonic cleaning unit Elmasonic P
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