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10x conc., ready-to-use
Icon_ready-to-use Ready-to-use products and reagents
Blocking reagents
Density (D) 1,088 g/cm³
Storage temp. +15 to +25 °C
Transport temp. ambient temp.

Protein free blocking reagent for immunocytological assays
Without detergent

ROTI®ImmunoBlock is an innovative blocking reagent on a polymer base without detergents and proteins

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Bestelnr. T144.1

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ROTI®ImmunoBlock is an innovative blocking reagent on a polymer base without detergents and proteins

Geschikt voor:
  • Immunocytological assays
  • Immunohistological assays
  • Paraffin- and cryosections
  • in situ hybridisation
  • Cell culture samples
  • Whole mount samples

ROTI®ImmunoBlock 10x conc., ready-to-use

The protein-free formulation prevents contamination of your detection systems by foreign proteins.
Unspecific interactions of the detection reagents such as antibodies with proteins of the samples are suppressed, while the specific binding sites are retained. The signal to noise ratio is considerably increased and signal detection significantly improved.
The practical ready-to-use solution makes tedious preparation unnecessary. Since the assays can be performed completely in ROTI®ImmunoBlock, highly reproducible results are achieved.

Scilla siberica: Cross section of a conducting bundle from the leaf. Immunofluorescent detection of a protein in sieve cells.
a: Phase contrast;
b: Immunofluorescence, blocking with ROTI®ImmunoBlock
With kind permission of Dr. Deumling, MPI for Culture Research, Cologne.

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