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ROTI®Cell Trypsin/EDTA solution (10x)

CELLPURE® 0.5 % in DPBS, ready-to-use, sterile
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Cell dissociation solution
Density (D) 1 g/cm³
Storage temp. -20 °C
Transport temp. cooled

For detachment of adherent cells from tissue and culture surfaces.
Thawing should be done in a +37 °C water bath or overnight at +2 °C to +8 °C. Swirl gently to homogenize.

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ROTI®Cell Trypsin/EDTA solution (10x) CELLPURE® 0.5 % in DPBS, ready-to-use, sterile

Technical Information
End concentration 1x 
Enzyme Trypsin from porcine pancreas 
Alternative Name Cell dissociation reagents 
Use Cell dissociation 
Instructions for use, addition Preparation of aliquots recommended to avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles. 
ROTI®Cell Trypsin/EDTA solution (10x)
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pH value7.0-7.6
Osmolality280-350 mOsm/kg
Endotoxins≤10.0 EU/ml