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Dispensers seripettor® pro, 2,5-25 ml

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Product details

  • Dispensing: push plunger down, fills automatically
  • Dispensing sterile media: screw the valve block with filling tube onto the filled bottle, seal the valve block with the cap, attach the autoclavable sterile filter (0.2 µm) at the side and autoclave at 121 °C. Remove the cap from the valve block under clean bench conditions, screw in the sterile dispensing unit and attach the actuating unit
  • Suitable for serial dispensing by means of flexible PTFE dispensing hose with a safety handle, length approx. 800 mm, please order separately
  • If the snug fitting plunger seal is worn, the dispensing unit can be changed
  • Screws directly onto bottle with thread GL 45

Limits of use:
15 to 40 °C, max. vapour pressure 500 mbar, max. density 2.2 g/cm3,
viscosity 300 mm2/s (2-ml device), 150 mm2/s (10-ml device) or 75 mm2/s (25-ml device)

Dispensers seripettor® pro 

For aqueous solutions, buffer solutions, culture media, acids (e.g. concentrated HCI), polar solvents (e.g. acetone) and UV-sensitive media.Materials in contact with media: PP, PE, borosilicate glass, Al2O3 ceramic, ETFE, PFA, FEP, PTFE, Pt-Ir

Delivery incl. discharge tube, filling tube, replacement dispensing unit and PP thread adapter.
Technical Information
Volume 2,5-25 ml
Graduation 0,5 ml
Nominal volume 25 ml
Correctness ±300 µl
Variation coefficient ±50 µl
Operating temperature +15 - +40 °C 
Adapter GL 32-33, GL 38, S 40 
Suction tube length 125 - 240 mm
Dispensers seripettor® pro
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