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ROTI®Pol TaqHY Red-Mix (2x), 2 ml, 2 x 1 ml

2x conc., ready-to-use
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Master mix Taq DNA polymerase, recombinant, PCR master mix
Density (D) 1 g/cm³
Storage temp. -20 °C
Transport temp. cooled

For rapid high yield PCR amplifications followed by direct gel-loading.
Prestained PCR premix w/o primers and template, optimized for reactions of 25 µl volume.

For PCR. Recombinant, heat stable DNA polymerases from the thermophilic bacteria Thermus aquaticus.
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Product details

For PCR. Recombinant, heat stable DNA polymerases from the thermophilic bacteria Thermus aquaticus.

ROTI®Pol, the series of DNA polymerases is the optimal choice for all PCR cycling protocols, as being performed in, for instance, analysis of cloning efficiency, for gene fishing, in routine screening processes, educational assays and much more. In combination with our specially designed buffers, the ROTI®Pol DNA polymerases deliver specific and reproducible PCR amplification with a wide range of PCR templates.

ROTI®Pol TaqHY Red-Mix (2x) 2x conc., ready-to-use

Optimised, premixed solution with recombinant TaqHY DNA polymerase from the thermophilic bacterium Thermus aquaticus, dNTPs, MgCl2 and all other components required for PCR except primers and template DNA. ROTI®Pol TaqHY Mix (2x) is recommended for all PCR applications where very short cycles or high yield are required.

PCR preparations with ROTI®Pol TaqHY Mix (2x) Mastermix not only reduce the risk of contamination, but are also time-saving, highly reproducible and very easy to prepare. ROTI®Pol TaqHY Mix (2x) shows both an enhanced polymerase activity and an extremely time-saving, fast elongation rate.

Due to the optimally adjusted composition of the master mix, the TaqHY polymerase offers specific PCR amplification with good yield on a wide range of PCR templates. The yield achieved is significantly higher than that of conventional Taq polymerases, with shorter cycle times. With ROTI®Pol TaqHY Red-Mix (2x), PCR products of up to 3 kb can be amplified on genomic DNA as template, and the master mix can process pure DNA solutions, cDNA and bacterial colonies as template. In 1 % agarose gels, the contained red dye migrates approximately at the level of a 1 kb DNA fragment. During denaturation in the Southern blot, the dye turns yellow due to the acidic pH value. The TaqHY DNA polymerase contained in the master mix has a 5' → 3' polymerase as well as a 5'-flap endonuclease activity and generates a 3'dA (adenine) overhang on the PCR products, which can be used for TA cloning.

The set contains

2 or 10 vials, respectively, with 1 ml each of ROTI®Pol TaqHY Red-Mix (2x) containing TaqHY polymerase, 0.4 mM each dNTP, and 4 mM MgCl2 in 2x reaction buffer with 0,02 % cresol red.

Not a medical device / Not an IVD product
Technical Information
Application Fast PCR amplifications of GC-rich template DNA with high yield and subsequent gel loading  
Amplicon ends 3'dA 
Master mix red (ready to load) 
Polymerase High yield / high performance Taq polymerase 
Use Fast PCR protocols and/or high yield, GC rich template DNA with following gel loading 
ROTI®Pol TaqHY Red-Mix (2x)
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