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Electrophoresis Unit MAXI

Material: PMMA (acrylic glass).
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The Classic Line - compact Horizontal Electrophoresis Chambers
Product details

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Product details

Material: PMMA (acrylic glass).

The Classic Line - compact Horizontal Electrophoresis Chambers

General features:
  • High-grade quality
  • Firmly standing
  • Robust construction made of acrylic glass
  • Chemically bonded contact points
  • Platinum electrodes are protected by a special construction
  • Wide range of accessories
  • UV-transparent gel trays

Electrophoresis Unit MAXI 

MAXI gel chamber - optimised for very high sample numbers and for long separation distance

  • Electrophoresis chamber with accessories - ready for use
  • Gel casting outside the chamber with gel casting gates
  • Gel width 25 cm
  • Buffer recirculation possible
  • Cables with coloured, retractable sheaths
  • In addition two different combs available in three thicknesses
  • All combs are compatible with multi-channel pipettors

Delivery incl. horizontal gel tank, safety lid with power leads (4 mm plugs), 2 connections for buffer recirculation, 1 removable gel casting tray, 2 gel casting gates, 6 combs (1 mm, 26 teeth).
Technical Information
Type MAXI standard model 
L x W, gel 30 cm × 25 cm 
Max. number of samples 624 
Comb positions 12 
Buffer volume 3000 ml
L x W x H, device 56 x 33 x 9 cm
Suitable for Agarose 
Electrophoresis Unit MAXI
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Downloads / MSDS

General information

Convenient in-Tank Gel Pouring
Big benefit: Several instruments of the classic line allow very convenient in-tank gel pouring - fast and definitely leak-proof.

Overview of Horizontal Electrophoresis Units acc. to Gel Size

Gel Size Suitable for Unit Art. No.
7 x 7 cm Agarose PROfessional l 2788.1
10 x 10 cm Agarose PROfessional ll 2799.1
15 x 15 cm Agarose PROfessional lll 2850.1
15 x 15 cm Agarose PROfessional runVIEW 4849.1
15 x 7 to 15 x 20 cm Agarose VARIA 1 AE17.1
15 x 20 cm Agarose PROfessional lll Stretch 20 9940.1
15 x 25 cm Agarose PROfessional lll Stretch 25 9941.1
20 x 20 cm Agarose PROfessional lV 2941.1
24 x 20 cm Agarose PROfessional Acetate 3099.1
26 x 26 cm Agarose, IEF, Membrane PROfessional IEF 1Y9Y.1
26 x 32 cm Agarose PROfessional V 3000.1